DIY Robotics: Building Your Own AI Robot

Proposal for a Irvine High School Competition

Location: TBD



Many “Robot Competitions” are centered around “robots” doing destruction to other “robots” . Furthermore these robots are controlled by humans with a remote control. Are these really robots? Or just a RC Cars with buzz saws? Are the teams being challenged to use the latest technologies? Are the subsequent competition progressing in technology?

We propose a competition where teams will build and submit their own robot. The Competition is for a timed race where the robots must locate a specific object . Once the robot locates the object it must call out that it “found it”. Nor remote control is allowed. The robot must do this task on it’s own. The teams can use range detectors, cameras, computer vision, etc.

Competition: “Find the Krakken”

Example video showing a robot finding a figurine labelled as “krakken”