DIY Robotics: Building Your Own AI Robot

Object Tracking is for Robots

Object tracking in Computer Vision is the task of automatically identifying objects in an image. There are good tutorials on how to use Microsoft or Google’s apis to do object tracking on a picture or video frame. Most if not all use a picture taken by a photographer a few years in the past. A […]

Learning AI with a robot

Most of us were introduced to Artificial Intelligence from the movies. We saw robots in movies like Chappie,Short Circuit, or Wall-e that could understand language, speak, and recognize what was around them. The good news is that these capabilities we saw in the movies are now finally realizable on robots. A Robot is an excellent […]

 Exploring Computer Vision

Computer vision, an interdisciplinary field that combines computer science, artificial intelligence, and image processing, has rapidly advanced in recent years. This fascinating technology enables computers to interpret and understand visual information, mimicking human vision capabilities. While its practical applications are numerous and far-reaching, computer vision is also incredibly fun to explore. In this article, we […]