DIY Robotics: Building Your Own AI Robot

Mark Bosley

My passion is for AI. AI will change our careers and education. AI will be an excellent tool for providing personalized training. Imagine a student with their own personal AI assistant that can challenge and teach them Italian or Korean at their own pace. AI-driven virtual tutors can offer 24/7 support to students, answering questions, providing explanations, and guiding them through complex concepts.The future is bright.

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The Real Deal


OC Robot Club is a gathering of like minded Tinkerers, Hobbyists, Engineers, and Programmers who believe in personal robots.


I have been teaching  robotics and AI at local Schools and Workshops for the past couple of years.




My first career was as  an Electrical Engineer specializing in Motor Control Systems. Motor Control Systems are needed for robots.


Software Architect

The dot-com era saw great demand for web application development and I transitioned to software development and spent twenty years in website development. I finished this chapter as a Software Architect for Fortune 500 Companies.


Robotics & AI

I was inspired a few years ago when I was teaching AI at New Horizons. The Computer Vision screamed robotics to me. Having Robots and Animatronics that can recognize who or what was around them and the ability to communicate with humans changed my focus.